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Title Loan
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Title Loan Information

Customers may call in or complete the online Title Loan Application. If you meet the pre-qualification requirements you can visit our store to complete the required documents, set up your account and obtain your money. We do not run a credit check as means of determining your qualification for a Title Loan.

Your Title Loan will be scheduled to be due in 30 days from the origination date of your loan. When your loan is due, you may:

  • Pay the interest and renew your loan an additional thirty days.
  • Pay your loan in full.
  • Pay the interest along with a portion of the principal balance and extend your loan for thirty days. Of course, by paying down the principal your interest due will decrease along with the principal balance.

Your title loan will be set up on an installment program with equal payments over a 7 month period. Nevada Law provides the opportunity for you to rescind your Title Loan without any interest cost by paying back the principal received. This must be done not later than the close of the business day following the disbursement date of your loan. Once your Title Loan is paid in full, or rescinded, your title and key(s) will be returned to you. Nevada State Law requires that you provide information regarding your income and monthly obligations. It will be necessary to affirm that after your current obligations are met you will have the ability to make your installments as set forth on your title loan contract. Call us for all details and cost regarding these loans.

Once you are approved with Cash Express for a new Title Loan, be sure to bring the following items and documents to our store to complete your loan process:

  • Clear Nevada Title
  • Valid Driver License
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Registration and Insurance
  • The Vehicle for Inspection
  • Extra Set of Keys
  • Recent Utility Bill (in your name)

We look forward to providing you with a low cost,
fast and easy Title Loan.

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